Transcripts & Records

Parents who need a certificate or transcripts for their children sent locally (in Senegal) must submit their requests 48 hours before and by specifying the purpose of the request. Transcripts or certificates request cannot be done over the phone, all requests should be done via email: Parents and students may receive an unofficial copy, but it is our policy to send official records from institution to institution only.

For transcripts or records (this mostly concerns high school students) to be sent internationally, ex: to another school or universities, all students (and alumni) must place their request through Parchment: Digital Credential Service.

1. Go to

2. Under I would like to, click: I would like to order my transcript or credentials. 

3. Enter the school name you would like to order from: The Senegalese American Bilingual School

4. Click on New Learner Account 

5. Fill out your information (the page will look like the screenshot). 

6. Then, determine where you want to send and choose the recipient of your choice (university, college, specific individual, etc). 


The cost is $3.00 per request.


7. Once your request is processed, we will upload your transcript and it will be sent by Parchment. Please allow at least 7 business days for international requests to  be processed.

N.B: Transcripts and other records (diplomas, certificates of attendance, etc) cannot be issued for students with a hold on their account. Please contact the Payments and Accounting Office if you need to complete the balance on your account.